Youth Development Program (U9-10)

Curriculum Overview

FC Spokane has developed a club curriculum to assist FC Spokane coaches of our youngest ages and make their job a bit easier.  We truly believe that we have the potential in our staff and our players to be the best club in the Greater Spokane area!  After committing to FC Spokane, a coach will receive a binder that contains several sessions plans and training drills that they can use throughout the year.  By using the session plans and training drills, it should make our coaches day to day training sessions easier and as a club we should see the technical progression in each of our players. 

Age Group Offensive Progression Defensive Progression
U9 Learning specific footwork moves and
two touch passing
Basic 1v1 defending and
2v2 support defending
U10 Find a couple of "go to" moves and
one touch passing
1v1 and 2v2 defending and
start to cut off passing lanes

Our goal is to create an environment for all players regardless of their skill level or commitment.  It's our belief that the players will not only develop the appropriate soccer techniquest but also develop the necessary skills to be positive members of our community.  In our third year of servicing the community we have over 600 members across the Spokane county and are committed to ensuring a positive experience for all players and their familes.