College Checklist

What Should You Be Doing?

The most important part in preparing to play soccer in college is the involvement and dedication of the player throughout the process. The earlier a player starts to prepare and the more work they put in the better the chances that player will succeed.

If a player does not begin the process as a Freshman it is not the end of the world but the aim is to start as early as possible. Our college prep specialists will be able to provide valuable guidance and insight along the way including advice on rules and how to get responses from coaches at programs you are interested in.

Below you will see a rough guideline of what you should be doing to maximize your efficiency throughout the college recruitment process.


  • Attend High School Orientation
  • Set four year academic plan with your school counselor
  • Start a college folder with assistance from FC Spokane Staff
  • Set academic goals with family
  • Set soccer goals for yourself
  • Make a wishlist of colleges you’d like to attend (This can change over time)
  • Be active in extracurricular school activities (i.e. student government, clubs etc.)
  • Take advantage of community service opportunities and log any service you do
  • Set academic plan for school year with counselor (Review & Revise)
  • Review grades and goals with parents
  • Get wishlist of schools to 20 you are interested in
  • Add to your college folder a contact list (Include school, coach name and email)
  • Attend college nights at high school functions
  • Sign up for PSAT to prepare academically
  • FC Spokane teams will attend various showcase tournaments throughout the year
  • Meet with FC Spokane college prep specialist and parents to review your progress
  • Start gathering information to write your cover letter/emails and resume
  • Your college folder should be starting to fill up with information
  • Begin to visit college campuses and conducted tours
  • Focus on your grades at school
  • Review & revise your four year academic plan with high school counselor
  • Continue to update your college folder
  • Attend college nights and college fairs
  • Verify SAT registration deadlines with high school counselor
  • Get letters of recommendation from coaches and teachers
  • Complete your cover letter/email and resume with assistance from college prep specialist
  • Visit different colleges to get an idea of what size and climate is best for you
  • Take SAT and ACT tests
  • Reduce wishlist to 10 schools
  • Review college applications for admittance with high school counselor
  • FC Spokane teams will attend various showcase tournaments throughout the year
  • Continue to focus on grades. Push yourself and demand excellence
  • Beware of scholarship scams – Show everything to school counselor and college prep specialist
  • Apply to universities of choice (sept, Oct & Nov)
  • Finalize application essay topics
  • Finalize your recommendation letters
  • Review application essay with parents and teachers for proofing
  • Get financial aid forms on Jan.1
  • Meet all application/scholarship/housing deadlines
  • Meet with school counselor and parents to finalize transcripts
  • If necessary re-take SAT and ACT tests
  • Send mid year and final transcripts for Clearinghouse
  • Meet with college prep specialist for assistance if needed
  • Follow up on all letters and emails written to college coaches. (Be persistent)
  • Send final transcripts to the college you have accepted
  • Attend financial aid meeting